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My mom is so deserving of this. She has and always will the rock that holds our family together. My mom never worked a day outside of the house until us kids were older. That way she made it to every class party, field trip or function that we had going on. I always knew wherever I was playing ball she would always be in the stands! My parents have 5 grandkids and they never missed anything any of them competed in! Often they would leave one kids game and head right to the next! Those kids have grown up and now have blessed her w/4 great grandkids and she is just as hands on w/all of them. Granted 1 is old enough for sports, the other 3 she makes sure she sees them several times a week. My mom is the true meaning of what a Mother should be! ❤

Angie H.

My mom is beautiful and stronger she keeps my family going she's is amazing when I grow up and become a mom i hope I'm like my mom idk how she does it she adopted me and my sister's and my baby brother she's such amazing person I love my mom if anyone deserved a spa or anything I'd say my mom bc I don't know how bc she does it with all us kids I love you momma! ❤❤

Nicole W.

My mom deserves this...she is the one that always has my back in any of the choices I make in life. Even if she knows it's not the perfect timing. She pushes me to succeed. I don't know where I would be today without her helping me every step of the way :) she doesn't show it often but she does have a silly side to her that on occasion comes out and you have to be quick to catch it :) luv u mom!


My mom is so amazing because she is so supportive of me. For over three years she has been lifting my spirits by taking me out to lunch and sometimes shopping every Saturday. When I got pregnant with my youngest son three years ago money was so tight and I was slipping into depression. She saved me! She was the only one helping me prepare for my baby boy and getting me out of the house for a little fun. Like clockwork she has continued to do so to this day. She supports me goals and believes in me. Because of her support and the time she took to watch my son, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a pound fitness instructor at the YMCA. I try to do what I can to show my appreciation by doing her hair and pedicures, helping her when she needs help and just be there for her to talk to. She gives so much of herself for me and my kids, she deserves a spa day for sure!

Kymie C.

My mom would love to win this! She's such an amazing woman. My mother is kind, loving, smart, funny, and generous. She supports my brother and I in everything we do and is amazing at being a single mom. She tirelessly contributes to our extracurricular activities while working 40 hours a week at a job she has been at for 28 years! She has taught me the value of hard work and how it relates to success in life. She rocks at being a multitasker and gives me someone to look up to. She supports my dreams and never fails at making me feel that no dream is too big. She's my biggest fan in every regard and I would love to give her a spa day!

Kelsey L.

This was Mothers Day last year. My mom is the most amazing person I know. My whole life she has put everyone elses needs above her own. She has breast cancer for the second time and is going through Chemo now but even then shes always trying to take care of her family and friends. I know shes always got my back and always will! I don't know what I would do without her. Shes my best friend.


It is true the older you get you realize your Mom is your best friend in life. She has always been so selfless- she has been there for me and not one time ever judged my decisions! She always willing to help others and give anything she can. She deserves exxxxtra love. #makemymomsmile


My mom,

She is the type of person who's heart is filled of gold. She is wonder women herself. I watched this women raise me n my brother, lose the only man she loved due to a stroke, take care of her mom till her last days down to her last breath,also become a mother to my niece when her mom lefted her. A women like her rarely gets a break from being a mom n grandmother. Whenever i need somethingshe makes it happen without me asking!!!! I have seen my mother give herself to god and live by his word. She has mode me to be a great person and have a big heart. I love my madre and if you knew her like i know her, you would know without a doubt she deserves this mothers day spa for her or her car!!!!!
Shanna Boo Williams Love.

My mom is the most genuine person I know. She always puts others needs before her own. She has instilled so many beautiful characteristics in me and our large family. She's endured and conquered many trials and tribulations, but stayed true to herself and her beliefs. I'm beyond blessed to have her as my mother. I wouldn't be the mother and wife that I am without her. Love you mom! 💓


My mom is amazing because she has given up her retirement to help us get kids to school, to practice, to Dr's and Dentist appointments. She helps pick the kids up from school so they don't have to ride the bus. She drives my son 45 minutes to baseball practice. She helps to watch them and take them to camps in the summer. 
She makes friends everywhere because she is so kind and friendly. We feel blessed to have her!


My mom is so amazing! She is the best mom ever! She helps me with whatever I need. She is always there for me. She goes to all my Softball and Basketball games and if she is not there it is because she is helping other people. She makes me know that I CAN do it when I think I can't. This is why my mom should win this contest.
love you mom ♥️